Fidus Writer 3.11: The anniversary release

We released the first beta of Fidus Writer in 2012. Ten years later, multiple research universities, publishers, libraries, and individual academics are using it as part of their publication workflows. Long-form text writing tools take a lot of work: Book writers update and amend their texts for years or decades. The tools they are using must continue to work and require complete control over their files in case of publication workflow changes. In a web software world with browser releases every six weeks and continuous changes to web standards, it’s not a given that tools continue to work.

We are therefore proud to announce Fidus Writer 3.11 in November 2022, providing a decade of stability for the users of our open-source semantic publishing tool thus far.

Fidus Writer 3.11 contains multiple changes under the hood to upgrade the software stack it uses. These changes will not be noticeable to everyday users. Some additions that end users will notice include these:

  • There is a new HTML export filter for documents. The new exporter delivers HTML that is browser-compatible and HTML spec-compliant. The filter is extendable in plugins and does not depend on the text’s looks in the browser’s editor. For version 3.11, both the old and new HTML filters are included, but in 3.12 we will remove the old one. If you depend on exporting HTML, make sure the new filter still gives you the kind of file you require. 
  • JATS bibliography: The bibliography of JATS files can now output any field our users require and is no longer restrained by fields supported by the Citation Style Language (CSL). Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need it to export fields more than it currently does.
  • Short titles in citations: Some citation styles can use short titles to refer to the same citation entry a second or subsequent time. In Fidus Writer 3.11, it is possible to specify such short titles.
  • Books plugin: Hitherto, books automatically were thought to be written in the language of the first chapter. We have now changed that so that users can specify the primary language of a book. Labels on the copyright page will also appear in that language.
The Fidus Writer 3.11 Book dialog contains a language selector.

As always, you can try out the new release at . You can also install it on your server or contract us to do it for you. 

What if Fidus Writer looks exciting but only partially does what you require?

We are always interested in working with new projects: to understand your workflows and design plugins and modifications to make Fidus Writer work for you!

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