New release: Fidus Writer 3.5 with change tracking and improved PDF export

Fidus Writer 3.5 has finally arrived and it brings with it a number of features that will be really important to most writers. The top three new features are: Track Changes: Finally you can make change suggestions rather than making all your changes become part of the document immediately. The feature works the same way as they… read more

Shinyu Murakami on Vivliostyle and the state of webbased publishing

Shinyu Murakami of Vivliostyle

With version 3.5, Fidus Writer is switching to Vivliostyle for PDF generation. Vivliostyle is a Japan-based open source project to do PDF rendering using browser technology. The main person behind Vivliostyle is Shinyu Murakami from the northern Japanese town of Sendai, now living with his wife, a speech therapist and book author, in Saitama near… read more