Fidus Writer and Open Journal Systems

The Open Journal Systems (OJS) is probably the most widely used open source management system for academic journals as it handles the peer review process. When we started Fidus Writer 10 years ago, OJS was one of the first systems we tried to connect with.

Over the years this integration improved and has now reached a quite usable state. Thanks to developer Takuto Kojima combined with guidance and funding from the Cluster of Excellence ROOTS at Kiel University over the past two years, we now have a system that is compatible with different kinds of reviews (open, blind, double blind) and allows for using the latest Fidus Writer 3.10 together with OJS 3.3 LTS.

We would also like to thank the development team of the Public Knowledge Project for their help in understanding how to best interact with their system.

The below video shows a walk-through of the current integration and shows some of the main features of the integration as it is currently deployed in production by the Kiel University.

2 thoughts on “Fidus Writer and Open Journal Systems

  1. Dear johanneswilm,
    It’s great that you continue the development on FidusWriter and OJS integration.
    I was wondering if it is possible to export JATS to the production process in OJS (in order to use OJS’s JATS plugin), or to export PDFs from Fiduswriter based on a custom template and put them in place as galley file (no download and upload in OJS dashboard)?

    • Hey Klaus,
      yes, that should indeed be possible and would seem like a useful extension of the existing plugin.

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