Introducing the Fidus Writer Website plugin

There are several ways of adding Fidus Writer to a publishing workflow, such as the OJS plugin that allows it to be part of a professional peer review process or the git-repo plugin that allows the publishing of books to a GitLab or GitHub repository.

And now there is one more way: Fidus Writer Website. It converts the front page of Fidus Writer to a public-facing website showing articles that an editor has approved. Unlike other content management systems, such as the very popular WordPress, you have all the capabilities of a scientific text editor such as bibliographic citations, formulas, footnotes, and figures with references.

This plugin is helpful for those situations where one doesn’t need a full-blown double-blind peer review process and doesn’t want to run several software packages, yet still needs some of those scientific capabilities – for example for scientific news sites or academic student journals.

Take a look at this video of the publishing workflow using the Fidus Writer Website plugin:

In order to use it – install the Fidus Writer snap package and then activate the “website” plugin by running `sudo fiduswriter.configure` on the command line and add ‘website’ to the INSTALLED_APPS.

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