Fidus Writer 3.10 with folders and downloadable document templates

We have released Fidus Writer 3.10! There are tons of features and bug fixes. The two most significant new features are likely folders to organize your documents and books and the downloadable document templates. Read the full changelog for details.

Folders can be used to organize your documents and books
Folders can be used to organize your documents and books

The folder feature and better support for document and book sharing were sponsored by the Open Science Lab at the TIB Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology University Library. Improvements to the OJS integration, downloadable document templates, and a filtering feature for tracked changes were sponsored by the Cluster of Excellence ROOTS at Kiel University.

Fidus Writer in new contexts

Over the past few years, Fidus Writer has moved from being a concept to being used in real-world settings. We like hearing stories of how you use it. 

An example thereof is the Technical University of Munich (TUM). It is running its instance for its students, which we helped set up for them. They have created tutorial videos showing how to use several Fidus Writer features. While they made the tutorials for their internal use, they are sufficiently generic to interest other Fidus Writer users.

Try it out

We invite you to try out all the new features on If you like it, sign up for a subscription! If you represent an institution and you would like us to set up an instance for your institution, send us an email. Questions or suggestions? Head over to our discussion forum.


We can now receive donations either in Euros and Swedish SEK by bank transfer. Find the payment details on our donation page.

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