Getting really close… Fidus Writer 3.0.0 rc1 released!

After a week of heavy testing by all of you, we finally getting there. Bug reports have gone down extremely fast after the first few fixes, and a lot of this is about people trying to upload things that shouldn’t be uploaded, etc. . We should probably expect a final version 3.0.0 to be released within the coming days. There is already a new 3.1 branch for features that did not make it into version 3.0.0.

Download the newest version from here.

The changes in detail:


  • Scrolling in the bibtype field of the bibliography editing dialogue was not possible.
  • A newly imported doc wouldn’t let it show up overview page before reload of page
  • Don’t send error messages when user’s try to access site from incorrect Domain (just block the request)
  • Split title node change detection for case where pm.doc.resolve(step.from).node(1) gives no result
  • Add warning for all mobile browsers (not just iOS)
  • Clean NPM cache before installation
  • Add scroll space for small screens on login pages
  • Listen to 2 click events rather than using a timer to close dropdown menus + extra space on login pages, thanks to feedback from @mjza
  • Make preferences dropdown work more than once and on userprofile and contacts pages
  • Handle case of strange last names in bibtex import
  • Don’t strip leading and trailing braces when importing bib(la)tex, but do strip them when converting to CSL
  • Remove potato menu (not in use and caused problems in some browsers)
  • Remove text area auto resize plugin (not in use)
  • Remove latex commands from titles in bib overview
  • Escape < and > in bibliographies


  • Allow for simple styling of bibliography fields (bold/italic/small caps/sub/sup) <– but user has to edit these directly in latex markup (or import them)
  • Handle users trying to upload unsupported media files or no media files at all
  • Handle case of user trying to upload a random zip file to import as Fidus Writer file

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