Try it out! Fidus Writer 3.0.0 Beta 5 released

With this release Fidus Writer is finally at a stage where you can try it, even without your own server! But be aware that we need to cover the cost of running the server (in addition to developing the software), so the server is only set up temporarily for testing. Donate now so that development can continue.

Additions in this release:

  • Browser detection to give warnings to users of untested browsers that will probably not work (such as Internet Explorer and Safari on iOS)
  • Addition of notification about browser cookie to follow German and Swedish laws related to the EU cookie directive
  • Basic code documentation setup (thanks to Aleksander Korovin of the OSCOSS project)
  • Support for running Fidus Writer sites via the secure https/wss as an alternative to http/ws
  • Configuration hints for setup where admins receive email messages on server crashes
  • Update of translation strings
  • Upgrade of the loadCSS library (now installed via NPM)

Download the latest release.

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