Fidus Writer 3.0 launched!

After a prolonged testing period, we are proud to announce the launch of Fidus Writer 3.0! With this release, I really wanted to make sure that stability was a top priority, so I did not include new features for the past few weeks. Instead I worked through tons of error reports from early testers.

Download the newest release from here or try it out.

The main news in Fidus Writer 3.0 are:

  • support for Firefox, Safari and Edge (desktop)
  • added tracking of collaborators carets
  • removed tracked changes
  • much increased stability

Now that Fidus Writer 3.0 is out, it will have to be analyzed how to ensure the long-term financial viability of the project. If Fidus Writer is something you or your organization could use, please consider donating for future development, posting a bounty for a specific development goal or contact me for other options.


To see more details about these changes check our post about Fidus Writer 3.0.0 beta 1. Also, we now have a French translation contributed by Nicolas Rochard (thanks!). Thanks also to the OSCOSS project which has started working on and with Fidus Writer, which has lead to code contributions from Aleksandr Korovin and Fakhri Momeni as well as help with analyzing current shortcomings and development needs (Mana Azamat) and testing (Babak Hashemi; Mahdi Jaberzadeh). Even more people at OSCOSS are working on related projects, several of which likely will become part of future versions of Fidus Writer.

2 thoughts on “Fidus Writer 3.0 launched!

  1. I’ve been obsessively looking for a collaborative tool that I could use with my research team to write papers and grant proposals in LaTex. I’ve searched high and low for something that would meet 2 personal requirements: (1) must show the cursor placement of my co-editors so that we are not “stepping on each other” in the same sentence of the text; and (2) must provide a “track changes” format that is analogous to what LyX or MS Word provides. And, a third requirement (more of a desire-ment, really): should edit files right off of Google Drive. When I read about Fidus Writer, I thought I had hit the jackpot. But alas, I see in this post that “track changes” capability has been removed? That’s a serious bummer, as far as I am concerned. Is the removal a temporary one?

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