Fidus Writer available as a snap

In recent years Fidus Writer development has been rather fast. We worked on many features we felt we needed to implement to make it usable first, so we did not focus much on other aspects.

With Fidus Writer 3.7 we have reached a level of completeness and stability that we now are able to focus on making it easier to start using. Some months ago we started offering a hosted service at . Now we are improving distribution and ease of setup for users who self-host Fidus Writer. For some time Fidus Writer has been available as a docker image, thanks to the help of Moritz F. . With the 3.7 release we packaged Fidus Writer as a python package.

Still, both of these packages are likely only useful to developers and sys ops with many years of experience running software. We therefore now packaged Fidus Writer as an Ubuntu snap. For anyone running Ubuntu or another compatible linux distribution, installing Fidus Writer for personal use is now as simple as typing one command:

sudo snap install fiduswriter

It can even be done through the Ubuntu’s graphical software center. The snap bundles all Fidus Writer plugins and includes the grammar- and spellchecker Languagetool, which is especially difficult to set up normally. For server usage only a little bit of extra setup (such as setting mail server settings, setting up a HTTPS certificate, etc.) is needed.

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