Fidus Writer 3.7: JATS and document template editor for end users

Fidus Writer 3.7 is finally there – and it’s packed with features. There is an invitation system, there is Epub 3.0 compliance, there is access to 2000+ citation styles, and Fidus Writer 3.7 is a Single Page App and a Progressive Web App (PWA)… read all about it in the full change log.

One of the most important new features though is that we have enabled export to JATS (Journal Article Tag Suite). You can find the export works the same as exporting to any other format from within any document.

The export menu in Fidus Writer 3.7

Another important new feature is a user facing document template editor. In 3.6 we introduced a document template editor interface for administrators. Now it is also available to normal user accounts. There is a tutorial here on how to use it:

The document template editor allows users to define export templates to export to DOCX and ODT. A tutorial for how to do that can be found here:

Fidus Writer 3.7 finally also brings a general style update. The old style had been around since Fidus Writer 1.0 in 2013, so a general makeover was badly needed. All parts except the document template editor have been restyles for Fidus Writer 3.7. I invite you to take a look – log in or sign up at

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