Fidus Writer 3.0.0 beta 4 released

This is the Microsoft compatibility release!

Fidus Writer is now getting really close to releasing the first release candidate and also to offering a testing server for users who cannot install Fidus Writer themselves. We just found an issue with Safari on iPad today, so we’ll have to either fix this or disable logins from iPad for the final release. To speed the process up, you can now donate to support Fidus Writer development.

Download the latest release.

Additions in this release:

  • Make (basic functionality) work in Microsoft Edge
  • Split paste handling based on paste source (LibreOffice Writer, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, general)
  • Allow import of footnotes from Microsoft Word
  • Make print output (simplePagniation) more robust and work in Microsoft Edge
  • Stability: Don’t depend on non-released version of software (django-avatar was the last one)
  • Installation speedup: Don’t compile NodeJS, use system provided version
  • Reenable previously disabled caret movement tests.
  • Add coveralls testing to travis


  • List all available social media account sign-in methods on login page
  • Don’t throw error when canceling a new comment
  • Don’t lose content when pasting richtext
  • Cleanup: Refer to browser provided variables and methods with window.* document.* and console.* and everything else by their variable name.

2 thoughts on “Fidus Writer 3.0.0 beta 4 released

  1. Would be really nice, if FidusWriter has support to JATS – The Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS) is a standard (NISO Z39.96-2015).

    I could also help.

    • JATS is certainly something we would like to support. It all depends on how much time we have to work on FW.

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