Realtime collaboration is here!

It has taken us a while, but finally it is here! The 1.1 beta version! Check it out at Some of the major features you will find are

  • experimental: realtime collaboration (several users writing in the same document, or one user accessing the same document from two different browsers)
  • Revision support: Lets you make snapshots in time of your document.
  • UNDO/REDO support

In total some 62 issues have been resolved! And there is more to come. One of the many projects we have been working on involves another big player in the field of academic text management. We are working on getting something ready soon that will combine Fidus Writer with their tool to create a combined tool that many have requested but noone has been able to create — until now! Stay tuned for an official announcement in the near future! Before we can release the 1.1 version, we need to make sure there are no major issues with this release. Translators can start working as we won’t do any more changes to the texts that are displayed before the final 1.1 release. We are continuing to look for more collaboration partners among institutions, organizations and companies that feel they could gain from working with us. So if you feel Fidus Writer is great, but it only cover 80% of what you need to do in your group — send us an email and lets figure out if we can do something together! Email us at . For those users who run their own servers: The 1.1 beta version contains a number of major bug fixes, so we recommend anyone using the 1.0 version to update.