How to add graphs, charts and tables to Fidus Writer documents

As we traveled around the past few months showing Fidus Writer to different interested parties, one of the most common questions that came up was how to include graphs/charts and tables. Tables are generally a bit of a headache for anyone working with ebooks as one of the possible output formats. The author cannot know how much space there will be for the chart on the end user device. Our advice is therefore to include all informational charts as figures in the SVG format. SVG files are vector graphics, which means that they can be stretched without losing quality. As an alternative, if it is impossible to create an SVG file, we recommend images in the PNG format. Different from the more popular JPEG format which is good for photos, PNG files are loss-less, which means that no lines or text will get blurry. Our recommendation corresponds to what makes most sense when working with the web. Wikipedia uses the same formats and they have a guide on how to produce SVG and PNG files with many of the most popular graph making programs.

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