How do I enable page views in Fidus Writer? (outdated)

Notice: This information is only relevant for the outdated 1.0 version of Fidus Writer. CSS Regions have been eliminated from Fidus writer since.

Fidus Writer requires a current version of Google Chrome to run. Additionally, if you want to be able to see individual pages in Fidus Writer, you need to enable “Enable experimental Web Platform features.” in “chrome:flags”.

This is how you enable individual page views

1. Type chrome:flags in your location bar like below and hit “Enter”: 1 2. You will be presented with a large list of options. In order to find “Enable experimental Web Platform features”, the easiest is to open the search bar by hitting CTRL+F and entering “Web Platform” like this: 2 3. The first search result will be what we are looking for: 3 4. Click on the link “Enable” in the “Enable experimental Web Platform features” so that it changes colors like this: 4 5. Now all you need to do is to restart the browser. You can conveniently do this by hitting the restart button in the lower left corner: 5 6. You are now ready to try out Fidus Writer with individual page views enabled. Congratulations, you are almost a hacker!

3 thoughts on “How do I enable page views in Fidus Writer? (outdated)

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  2. I’m using Version 30.0.1599.114 and it’s not that flag available and I see the document in one laarge page.
    Is it possible that that flag change its name?
    I am not almost a hacker 🙁

    • Indeed, the flag has changed. It is now called “Enable experimental Web Platform features.” I have updated the documentation. Thanks!

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