OJS/Fidus Writer integration at the Open Science Conference 2017


We are excited that Fidus Writer and its integration with Open Journal Systems (OJS) review system (see video post and page) was presented at the Open Science Conference 2017 March 21-22 in Berlin, Germany. Dr. Philipp Mayr presented the work of the OSCOSS project during the parallel session 14:00-16:00 on March 21 and found several groups that were interested in working more with both us and OSCOSS going forward. If  you didn’t see us, you missed a great opportunity to get to know more about both Fidus Writer as a writing tool and where the OSCOSS projects want to take it next. However, the good news is that this wasn’t you last chance this year. Given the success at the Open Science Conference 2017, we really think that we have now gotten to a point where Fidus Writer is interesting to more parties, and we will be presenting at more conferences going forward.

A paper going into the details of the integration has also been submitted to the Information – Wissenschaft & Praxis journal – written entirely in Fidus Writer of course. Integration with other tools are exciting news for Fidus Writer as they really impact the usefulness of an online editor such as ours.

Check out also the installation of Fidus Writer that is being maintained at GESIS – as an infrastructure provided to social scientists.

One thought on “OJS/Fidus Writer integration at the Open Science Conference 2017

  1. This is undoubtedly one of the best news to come out of fiduswriter this year. I am not sure who benefits more from this partnership: fiduswriter or OJS, but this is one match made in academic heaven.

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