Fidus Writer source code has been released

After more than a year of development, we are proud to be able to announce that the Fidus Writer source code has been released under the AGPL license. The AGPL is an open source license ideal for web service based projects. If you want to contribute with code, translations or otherwise, please check out our notes for developers. Our beta server has the current version of Fidus Writer installed, which is the 1.0-rc1 version. We hope to be able to launch a 1.0 version within just a week or two depending on the bug reports we receive before that. After that we will start setting up a regular service package for end users.

2 thoughts on “Fidus Writer source code has been released

  1. Could you add examples to the site of docs created in fidus writer to give a sense of what it can do? Would be nice if you could see both the output and view the docs in fidus writer, but just the docs would be great as well.

    • Hey Lance, I think that is a very good idea!

      We will be looking into creating some real texts and books once the stress of dealing with a 1000 new beta testers over night and handling the release of th 1.0 is over.

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