A Little Relaxation

promenadeEvery now and then, any student, researcher and thinker needs to procrastinate in some way. At the end of the day, after having looked at the same numbers or wordings all day, your brain starts to feel like a swollen, juicy melon. This is the time when you should look for some serious relaxation — even though you might have to deliver your paper or give/take an exam within a couple of days and wake up at night bathed in sweat because you fear the mortal starring of your disappointed supervisor.

Traditionally, researchers have tended to drift towards consumption of alcoholic drinks or hobbies like promenading, rail transport modelling or ornithology. Nowadays, alternatives might be finding a date on Okcupied, or skimming through the same 5 nonsense news on your tablet or mobile phone all night. Don’t feel stupid because you are familiar with the Kardashian clan, know the name of Justin Bieber’s monkey or have a history of looking at endless streams of tumblr pictures. Everyone is doing it in private, while sneering at it in public. The following are three academic lunch break procrastinations you don’t have to clear your browser’s history for: When in Academia All My Friends Are Academics Academic Tim Gunn  

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