Let’s gist Again

Here it is! Our second interview about interesting topics in the wide space of publishing and communication in academia. This time we interviewed Jure Triglav who has started the interesting project ScienceGist. Read about Jure and his effort to open the spectrum of science communication.   You recently started out with Science Gist. What is… read more

Reads of the Week

Since I am constantly harvesting the net for interesting articles and blogposts about anything academia, book or publishing related I would like to start sharing some of the most interesting links with you. This is what I found this week: “The Empire strikes back” is a blogpost by Eric van De Velde. He is looking… read more

A Little Relaxation

Every now and then, any student, researcher and thinker needs to procrastinate in some way. At the end of the day, after having looked at the same numbers or wordings all day, your brain starts to feel like a swollen, juicy melon. This is the time when you should look for some serious relaxation —… read more