Export formats

Fidus Writer is a powerful and flexible online word processor that is capable of exporting documents to a variety of different formats. Some of the formats that Fidus Writer can export to include:

  • PDF: Portable Document Format, a popular and widely-used file format for documents that maintains the layout and formatting of the original document.
  • EPUB: Electronic Publication, a standard format for e-books and other digital publications that is supported by many e-book readers and devices.
  • ODT: OpenDocument Text, an open and standardized file format for text documents that is supported by many different word processors and office suites.
  • DOCX: Microsoft Word Document, a proprietary file format used by Microsoft Word and other word processors that support the Office Open XML standard.
  • LaTeX: a high-quality typesetting system that is used to produce technical and scientific documents with complex formatting and layout requirements.
  • JATS XML: Journal Article Tag Suite XML, a standard XML format used in the publishing industry for representing and exchanging scholarly articles.

These are just some of the formats that Fidus Writer can export to. The software is highly customizable and extensible, so users can also add support for additional formats if needed. Overall, Fidus Writer’s ability to export to a variety of different formats is a useful and powerful feature that can help users create and manage complex documents more easily