Comparison with Overleaf

While Overleaf does require users to know LaTeX in order to use it effectively, Fidus Writer offers a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface that allows users to create and edit documents without having to know or use LaTeX. This can make Fidus Writer more accessible and user-friendly for people who are not familiar with LaTeX or who prefer a more intuitive interface for creating and editing documents.

In addition to its WYSIWYG interface, Fidus Writer also has several other advantages over Overleaf. For example, Fidus Writer is built using web technologies, which makes it accessible from any device with a web browser, while Overleaf is a cloud-based application that requires an internet connection to use. Fidus Writer also offers real-time collaboration and exports to a wider range of formats than Overleaf.

Overall, while Overleaf is a useful tool for people who are familiar with LaTeX and want to create and manage documents using this language, Fidus Writer offers a more user-friendly and versatile alternative for people who are looking for a tool that is accessible and easy to use.